Sotherton Backler and Hannah Osborne

Sotherton Backler (born 3rd August 1746 at St Giles, Cripplegate, London) was the seventh child of Sotherton Backler and Ann Ashley.  His second marriage was to Hannah Osborne (1763 – 1803) in Bocking in 1782 and they had ten children together:  Sarah Ann Backler (1783 – 1857), Samuel Backler (1784 – 1870), Thomas Backler (1786 – 1786), Joseph Backler (1788 – 1848), Elizabeth Backler (1789 -1821), Mary Backler (1791 – 1860), Benjamin Backler (born 1793), Jane Ozella Backler (1795 – 1830), Thomas Osborne Backler (1796 – 1796), Sotherton Backler (christened on 4th March 1798 – 19th November 1875).   Nothing further is known about Benjamin.  Sarah Ann is mentioned concerning Geffrye’s Almhouses in the blog page about Sotherton Backler and Frances Harris.  Sarah Ann and Samuel were christened in Stoke Newington and the other children at St. Ann’s Blackfriars.  The remaining children, who survived infancy are detailed below.

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Samuel married Mary Pellatt (1789 – 1857) on 30th November 1810.  They had a daughter, Mary Backler (1813 – 1882), who married Henry Pellatt (1797 – 1860), presumedly a cousin,  on 18th March 1831.  Mary had a son Apsley Backler (1815-1835), who was presumably Henry Pellat’s son, born before marriage.  Apsley was named after a relative, who was a Member of Parliament.  In the 1851 census, living with Samuel and Mary at 3 Old Paradise Road, Islington, London were their daughters: Esther Maria Backler aged 21 (died 1918), born Bayswater, who married Magnus C. Abelin (born 1826)and Susanna Backler, born Oxford Street aged 34 (died 1883), who married James Boulding  (born 1823).  Also, living there were Susanna’s children: Susanna Mary Boulding aged 5 and Apsley Samuel Boulding aged 3.  Susannah later married Edwin John Cross (1834-1889).

Joseph married Jane Cowie (born 1789) on 1st February 1810.  They had four daughters (listed in the following bullet points) and a son (see below):

  • Jane Cowie Backler (born 16th April 1811, christened 23rd May 1811), who married John Brown (born 1802) in Kilmarnock in 1833.  At some point they emigrated to Australia where they had six children.  Jane died in Australia in 1855.
  • Mary Cowie Backler born in 1814, who died just before her sixth birthday.
  • Hannah Backler born 1818, who died in Melbourne, Australia in 1922.  She married Henry George Regan (born 1832) in Australia in 1854 and they had three children.
  • Sarah Cowie Mitchell Backler (christened 19th September 1823), who died the following year.

Joseph was a stained glass artist who had a number of prestigious windows installed, notably in the chapel in Arundel Castle, West Sussex and the church in Dudley, West Midlands.  Barbara has posted details of his life on

Joseph and Jane had a son, also Joseph Backler (born 1813 in London, died in Australia 1895), who turned his artistic talents to forging cheques at the age of 18.  Both cheques were drawn on Messrs.  Jones, Loyd, and Co of 43 Lothbury, London.  The first one for £5 was cashed on 13th April at Sloane Street, Chelsea and he was caught attempting to cash the second one for £10 on 24th May in King Street, Soho, London.  He was sentenced to death at the Central Criminal Court, at The Old Bailey, London on 30th June 1831.  This sentence was commuted to deportation to Australia for life and after spending time on a prison hulk called Hardy, in Portsmouth Harbour, where he was transferred from Newgate prison on 30th August 1831, he was sent out on the Portland.  He arrived in Australia, according to the Australian Dictionary of Biography on 25th May 1832.

He was initially assigned to the Surveyor General’s department, but after involvement in further crimes, he was sent to Port Macqaurie prison in May 1833.  He spent ten years in prison receiving 150 lashes, 23 days in cells and a year in irons.  After release from prison in Australia, Joseph became an artist painting trades people, rather than the rich who would not commission a criminal.   Joseph was one of the few recording the lives of the lower classes and he has a place in Australian history, because of this fact.  Joseph married Mary Magner on 7th May 1842 at St Thomas’s Church, Port Macquarie but they did not have any children.  Mary died in November 1852 and Joseph died on 22nd October 1895 at Liverpool Street, Sydney, survived by his second wife Sarah Vincer, whom he probably married shortly after Mary died, because there is a record of a Mrs Backler having a short lived child in June 1853.

Mary married a lawyer, John James Joseph Sudlow (1788-1858) on 16th October 1813 in St Pancras, London.  They had a daughter, Mary, in 1819 who did not survive the year.

Jane Ozella married Daniel Burton (1790-1876) on 9th October 1827.

Benjamin was christened on 18th June 1793 and nothing further is known about him.

Sotherton became the vicar of Blatherwycke, Northants and he married Mary Hill (1802 Warwick – 1875 Oundle) at Chilvers Coton, Nuneaton on 6th January 1834 and in the 1851 census they were living at The Rectory.

Barbara has added more details on and she has written that she has further details to publish.   It would be interesting to find out further information about this line of Backlers.