The descendants of John Backler of Haverhill

John Backler was the son of Samuel Backler (born 1630 in Huntingdon according to the Radford family tree on Ancestry) and Ann Eedes (baptised, Glatton, Huntingdonshire on 11th April 1630) who were married in Huntingdon on 7th April 1660.  He had a sister named Martha Backler (born 12th February 1660) of whom, at present, nothing else is known and a brother, Samuel Backler (born 13th April 1662), whose family tree is covered by Barbara in her blog  Barbara may also cover the descendants of John Backler, probably in a lot more depth than me, but his descendants have a bearing on the blog pages I have already published, so here goes!

The picture shows the church of St Mary in the centre of Haverhill:100_1787

John was born on 16th December 1665 and had a son named William Backler (1700 – 1733?) in Suffolk.   William married Isabella Elizabeth Argent (1690 – 1780) and they had five sons and two daughters and, at present, nothing further is known about Henry Backler (1723 – 1800), Mary Backler (born 1726), Ann Backler (born 1727 in Haverhill) and Samuel Backler (1730 – 1800).  William’s and Isabella’s youngest child, Thomas Backler (born 1735 in Haverhill, died 1789) married Elizabeth, born the same year.  They had three sons born in Suffolk: John Backler (born 1757), George Backler (born 1770) and Thomas Backler (born 1777).

  • William’s and Isabella’s second youngest son, John Backler (1733 Haverhill – 1789 Suffolk) married Ann Raw (1733 – 1805).  They had three sons and a daughter: Uriah Backler (born 1769), Imri Backler (1771 -1842) who married Frances Basham, John Backler (born in Haverhill on 13th February 1775) and Tabitha Backler (born in Haverhill in 1777).  Uriah had Eliza Backler (born 1824), George Backler (born 1826), Charles Backler (born 1827) and Harriet Backler.  Imri and Frances will be the subject of a later blog page.  Nothing further is known about John and Tabitha.  More needs to be researched concerning Uriah and his children.
  • William Backler (father of William below) was William’s and Isabella’s oldest son.   He was born in 1722 and died in 1782 in Haverhill.  He married Elizabeth Hills (1722 – 1779 in Haverhill) at Poslingford in Suffolk in 1745.

William Backler (1750 in Suffolk – 1825) married Mary Wiseman (1756 – 1834 in Haverhill) on 12th October 1774 in Steeple Bumpstead, Suffolk.  William and Mary had nine children: James Backler (1775 in Haverhill – 1786), William Backler (born Steeple Bumpstead 1778), Leonard Backler (born 1781 Haverhill – died 1855 Portsea), Mary Backler (born Steeple Bumpstead 1782), Timothy Backler (born 1786 in Suffolk – died 1861 Suffolk), James Backler (borne 1787 in Haverhill – died 11th December 1851), George Reding Backler (1789 Haverhill – 1864), a drabbet weaver, who at the time of the 1851 census was living as a lodger in the Haverhill High Street, Dudley Backler (born Steeple Bumpstead 1791) and Lucy Backler (born 1793 in Haverhill).  Leonard started one of the Backler family lines in Hampshire – see the blog page.

  • Timothy was married to Elizabeth (aged 55) according to the 1841 census and they were living in Haverhill.  In the 1851 census they were noted as drabbet weavers along with their son William and they were living at Crowland Road, Haverhill.  They had eight children with the oldest three not living at home in the 1841 census and only William, Henry and Lucy living at home by 1851: Dudley Backler (1813), Harriott Backler (1813), Leonard Backler (1815), Sarah Backler (1821), William Backler (1819), Maria Backler (1826), Henry Backler (1829), a brickmaker, and Lucy Backler (1831), a silkweaver.  It could be that Dudley and Harriott were twins.
  • The younger James married Dorothy Lorking (born 1788 Clare) 0n 28th September 1809 in Clare, Suffolk.  They had five children: George Backler (1816 Haverhill), Susannah Backler (1816 Suffolk), William Backler (1817 Haverhill), Mary Ann Backler (7th April 1818 in Suffolk) and Leonard Backler (born 1818 in Suffolk).  In the 1851 census, James was described as an innkeeper and bricklayer and their address was The Weavers Arms, Haverhill.  At the time of the census their 14 year old granddaughter, Harriet, a waitress, was living with them.  William had moved to London Road, Braintree, Essex by the time of the 1851 census and he was described as a silk handloom weaver.  His wife Eliza, who was born in Steeple Bumpstead was then 33.  They had five children, with the oldest Harriet Backler being born in Haverhill in 1845, with the rest being born in Braintree with the exception of George who was born in Bocking: Sophi Backler (1845), George Backler (1847), Frederic Backler (1849) and Christopher Backler (1850).

The oldest son of Thomas (born 1735) noted above was John (born 1757), who married Elizabeth Raley (born 1750) and they bore a son James Backler (1788 – 1857), who married Elizabeth Iron (born 10th May 1795 in Haverhill – 1856) on 19th December 1819 and in the 1851 census they lived at Burton End, Haverhill.  James and Elizabeth had five daughters and a son, all born in Haverhill: Phoebe Backler (1820 – 1820), Caroline Backler (1823 – 1897) a silk weaver, Louisa Backler (born 1827) living at home, Mary Ann Backler (1830 – 1919) a silk weaver, James Backler (born 1832) a bricklayer and another Phoebe Backler (1846 – 1935).

This part of the Backler tree, connects the London and Hertfordshire Backlers (where the tree has been explored in great depth by Barbara on with a branch of the Haverhill Backlers and it also connects that branch with the Hampshire Backlers.  As there are many questions left to explore from this blog, it opens the possibility of further connections being made and with a lot more information to add.