My line of Backlers in Warrington

My paternal grandfather moved from Warrington, Cheshire, probably in 1915 when he joined the Army, to my home town of Eastbourne (see my blog page on East Sussex Backlers).  He left behind brothers and sisters, some of whom were born in Walsall and some in Warrington (see my blog  page on The Backlers of Birmingham to see how they arrived in Walsall).

Although my grandfather Fredrick reached adulthood, he had six siblings born in Walsall and, apart from himself, only William Backler (1888 – 25th January 1981 aged 92) and Charles Ernest Backler (1890 – 1976), reached adulthood in Warrington.  They had three younger sisters, all born in Warrington, Isabella Beatrice Backler (1902-1928), Florence Alice Backler (1904 – ?) and Elizabeth Backler (1914 – ?).  The Backlers in Warrington are descended from these two great uncles and three great aunts.  My Aunty Betty thinks Florence and Elizabeth both died in the 1950s and she knows that Florence was married twice.

My great uncle William (Uncle Bill), who was a train driver, married Alice Hewitt (1882-14th November 1960 aged 78) in 1908 and they had six children: Evelyn Backler (1911-?), who married a chap named Rankin in 1932, Alfred Gordon Backler (1914 – 17th July 1988 aged 74), Thomas Backler (1918 – 9th July 1942 aged 24), Louisa Backler (born August 1919 – died September 2002, aged 82), Doris Backler (1922 – 5th September 1994 aged 72) and Marie Backler (1923-1990), who married Frank Eden in 1948.  Marie and Frank had a son, Kevin, who is the cousin I think journeyed south with his grandfather and whom I met in Pevensey Bay.  I remember Uncle Bill travelling south by himself and on a later visit with a cousin.  Alfred married a lady called McKenna and they had three children: Aldyth Backler (b 1947), Dorothy Backler (b ?) and Gordon Backler (b 1952).

My great uncle Charles Ernest married May Carter in 1914 and they owned a hairdressers, in which my Auntie Betty said they both worked.  According to the 1939 Register they were living at 38 Mill Lane, Warrington, but my great uncle’s profession was given as Wharf Deputy Foreman, not as a hairdresser, so maybe that happened after the war.  His date of birth was given as 4th December 1890 and his wife’s was 12th May 1896.  Charles and May had four sons: Charles L C Backler (1915-1938),  Thomas E Backler (1918-1919) who died before reaching his first birthday and must have been named after the brother of Charles, who died under an artillery bombardment the previous year, Edward G Backler (1921-1942) and Geoffrey E Backler (b ?), who married Elsie Barton in 1946.  To lose one son in infancy and two in their early twenties must have been truly awful.

Geoffrey and Elsie had a son called Geoffrey L Backler (b 1946) and a daughter named Jane L Backler (b 1949).  Jane married a chap with the surname of Griffiths.

My great aunt Isabella Beatrice Backler (1902-1928) tragically died after childbirth, when giving birth to Georgina Backler.  Georgina had an older brother, Arnold Backler, by about four years.  I had a communication in 2006 from John Blease through Genes Reunited, who confirmed that his grandmother Isabel married John Hughes in March 1923 and died two weeks after giving birth to his mother.  This must be Georgina who married the said chap named Blease.

My great aunt Florence Alice married a chap called Bowden and they had six Bowdenschildren, one of whom, Margaret, is not pictured.  Ruth Backler married Frank Lavelle and this photo on the left was taken on their 40th wedding anniversary.  They currently live in the Bournemouth area.  The picture shows the other five children: Bill Backler, Eileen Backler, Ron Backler, Ruth and Roy Backler.

My great aunt Elizabeth married a soldier, Frank Williams, and they had three children: Judith (1933-2009), Margaret (?) and David (?).  Judith married Albert Howells and they had four children: Albert, David, Julia and Anne and are believed to be living in West Bromwich.

I am sure there is much more detail to add about my Warrington relations and I will provide more information as it becomes available.

4 thoughts on “My line of Backlers in Warrington

  1. Hi,

    My name is Shaun Ferris, my granddad was Alfred Backler and my mum is Aldyth Backler.

    My mum still lives in Warrington, I find this all interesting and will join your blog.

    Many Thanks


    1. Hi Shaun, Thanks for joining my blog and I am sorry it has taken so long to get in contact. I normally respond very quickly and can’t understand why I did not in your case – my apologies. Any further information you could provide would be gratefully received. I have a lot of gaps in my information about my Warrington relatives.


  2. Hello, My name is Dorothy Hough (nee Backler), I was born in 1949, and my father was Alfred Backler. My mother was Louisa (nee McKenna) (D.O.B. 1919) and my parents were married in 1942. My sister is Aldyth and my brother is Gordon. I have lived in St. Helens since 1974, but my sister and brother still live in Warrington. Aunty Eve passed away in 1980.


    1. Hi Dorothy, So great to hear from you! I know I have an umber of relatives in the Warrington area and I can only remember meeting great uncle Bill and cousin Kevin on a visit to see my Grandad in Pevensey Bay. The information you have provided is marvellous and I would be grateful if you were able to fill in more of the blanks in my blog page. It would be great to hear from you and my personal contact details are in the blog.


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